Safety Is Our Top Priority

Our cleaning company in Boise, ID follows these 11 rules

Over the years, Boise Clean Pro, LLC has grown into one of the top sources for cleaning services in Boise, ID and the surrounding area. What separates us from other maintenance cleaning companies? We're committed to doing the small things right, which allows us to provide big-time results.

11 safety rules we follow at all times

To provide the best cleaning services possible, our cleaning company commits to following these 11 simple rules:

  • We typically work in teams of two or more.
  • We are mindful of children's access to cleaning supplies.
  • We request that all pets be kept away from workers for the duration of service.
  • We require all weapons locked away for the duration of service.
  • We keep cleaning supplies organized and safely located near the employees.
  • We do not climb heights beyond 6 ft., per OSHA guidelines.
  • We do not clean inside glass cabinets or near antiques and other priceless items.
  • We use green chemicals wherever possible, especially in homes with children and people with compromised immune systems.
  • We use masks and gloves when heavier chemicals are necessary.
  • We wipe any spilled water immediately.
  • We use HEPA-filtered vacuums to avoid contamination with pet hair allergens.

Want more information about the rules of our cleaning company in Boise, ID? Call us at 208-377-7100 or text us at 208-830-7545 now to speak with a local maintenance cleaning specialist.

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