Impress With a Fresh, Clean Space

Learn about our post-remodel and construction cleanup services in Boise, ID

The new space you constructed might look fresh, but it's probably pretty dirty. Once your job is done, every homeowner should make sure their space gets the cleaning it deserves with post-remodel or construction cleanup service from Boise Clean Pro, LLC.

All post-remodel and construction cleanings must be estimated on a per-basis. For all dust-related cleanups, we recommend a Move-Clean & HVAC Blow Out -less than that might leave you unsatisfied with the service provided.

Call us at 208-377-7100 or text us at 208-830-7545 now to arrange for a free on-site estimate. We're based in Boise, ID and serve surrounding areas.

Details about our limitations

At Boise Clean Pro in Boise, ID, our post-remodel and construction cleanup crews can do a lot, but unfortunately, they can't do it all. We can't:

  • Move items over 30 lbs.
  • Clean walls (except for spot cleaning and dusting)
  • Wash lightbulbs or other fragile glass fixtures
  • Clean biohazardous materials
  • Reach anything above the reach of a 6-ft. ladder
  • Clean damaged items
  • Clean electronic screens (TVs, Computers, etc.)

Additionally, we do not provide service to clients who are disrespectful to our staff.

For more information about our post-remodel and construction cleanup services in Boise, ID, contact Boise Clean Pro today.

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