TERMS All Clients:
  1. Our Hours of Service are M-F 8-4:30. All cleanings are scheduled between those hours.  We are closed on all major holidays, Black Friday and Christmas Eve.  Any services scheduled on days we are closed will be rescheduled by our staff.
  2. When booking, you may choose or be given a 4 hour “Arrival Slot”. This is not guaranteed. This slot can change to anytime between 8am & 4 pm based on your location relative to other cleanings scheduled on that day.  Please understand, to ensure we can get to everyone on the schedule, it’s critical that we pair cleanings that are in close proximity to each other.
  3. If you’d like us to do something beyond normal cleaning, you may add “Extras” or more time (schedule permitting) by logging into your profile at boiseclean.pro, emailing or calling us. If the change won’t require extra time, you can also just leave a note for the Cleaners on the day of your service.
  4. Please note, all our cleanings are sold and worked by the Man Hour. When you purchase a service, you are purchasing a number of Man Hours.  If you have questions about the hours needed, please refer to our online pricing with respect to square footage.  Please remember, these times are based on the assumption that the home is in a GOOD state of repair and has received REGULAR maintenance cleaning.  Please feel free to call us with any questions you have.  We want to be sure we’re both of the same page prior to your service.
Initial Walk Through:
  1. We perform an In-Home Initial Walk Through for Recurring Visits, Deep Cleans & Move Cleans.
  2. You are welcome to book these services via our website without having an Initial Walk Through. HOWEVER we CANNOT GUARANTEE we will be able to meet your expectations.
Recurring Cleans:
  1. We recommend an Initial Walk Through prior to arranging Recurring Service. This will allow us to understand your goals and create a cleaning plan that meets your needs.
  2. We also highly recommend you have us do a Deep Clean at least once a year.  While we do not require this of our clients, we highly suggest it so that we can best care for your home.
  3. Your quote is based on the square footage of your home and the input we received from you. We strongly suggest our recommended times be followed.  However, if you wish to lower your quote, you may opt to have us skip specific areas of your home.  Your customized checklist will reflect this.
  4. You will be assigned a Cleaning Day of the week. Your recurring cleaning will always occur on that day except in the even we must reschedule your service.
  5. If you would like to change your Cleaning Day, please email or call us. Based on availability, we can find a new day of the week for you.
  6. Although we rarely need to change a client’s chosen day/time, if we must change yours, you will be notified via the scheduling system (text and/or email) of any changes.
  7. Please note our cleaners cannot extend the length of your cleaning on the day of service. Added time must be booked via the website or by calling our office.
Move Cleans:
  1. Please call or email us to schedule an Initial Walk Through when booking a Move Clean. We CANNOT GUARANTEE we will be able to meet your expectations without an Initial Walk Through.
  2. For planning purposes, please use the square footage guide on our website to determine the number of hours needed to clean your home. All Move Cleans are subject to a minimum # of cleaning hours based on the square footage of your home.  Generally, please plan for at least 25% more time than the MINIMUM suggested.
  3. If you choose to book a Move Clean without an Initial Walk Through, please choose the next higher service level. We cannot extend the length of the clean on the day of the service.  For example, if you book 10 hours, and your home needs 14, you will receive 10 hours of cleaning.
  4. You will only be billed for the actual Man Hours spent cleaning your home.
One Time Maintenance Cleans:
  1. PLEASE NOTE – GROUPON, LIVING SOCIAL AND ANY OTHER “DEAL” cleans that are a duration less than 10 hours are considered One Time Maintenance Cleans. These are not sufficient to perform any Deep Cleaning tasks or Move Cleans.
  2. We do not perform an Initial Walk Through for One Time Maintenance Cleans less than 10 hours.
  3. One Time pricing is based upon the assumption that your home is in a good state of repair and is regularly cleaned and that the number of hours you purchased is sufficient based on the size of your home.
  4. Please use the square footage guide on our website to determine the # of hours needed to clean your home.
  5. You are purchasing Man Hours, not a complete, top to bottom cleaning cleaning.
Deep Cleans:
  1. Please call or email us to schedule an Initial Walk Through when booking a Deep Clean.
  2. Please use the square footage guide on our website to determine the # of hours needed to clean your home.
  3. For planning purposes, please use the square footage guide on our website to determine the # of hours needed to clean your home. All Move Cleans are subject to a minimum # of cleaning hours based on the square footage of your home.   Generally, please allow for 25% more time than the MINIMUM.
  1. If you are dissatisfied with your cleaning for any reason, please notify us within 24 hours. We do not offer refunds.  Instead, we will, within a 7 day period return to Re-Clean the offending area.  A Re-Clean will only be completed within a 7 day window from your date of service, otherwise it will be considered denied.
Access & Cancellations:  
  1. Because we reserve cleaning time especially for you, please make any schedule changes 24 business hours before service to avoid incurring a $50 cancellation fee. We appreciate your understanding.
  2. While we make every effort to make providing service to you easy and smooth, it remains your responsibility to ensure we can gain access to your home.
  3. We schedule all work M-F 8-4:30. On occasion, we must work past 4:30 to complete the day.  However, any scheduled service that would cause our teams to work past 6pm will be rescheduled.
  4. We cannot promise ANY specific times or set appointments. Clients are sent text reminders via our automated system.  You may opt out of text reminders. All clients are also called 1-2 business days ahead of their service. If you need a specific arrival window, please discuss it by calling us several days prior to your service.  The window is APPROXIMATE.  We ask that clients understand that things do arise which are out of our control like inclement weather, road construction, sick clients/workers.
  5. No Access Fee:  A fee of $50 will be charged if we cannot gain access for any reason (changed codes, power outage, someone in the residence asks us to not clean or asks us to delay cleaning until later, etc.) We can work with garage door codes and lockboxes.  However, non-working or tricky handsets, locks, lockboxes, etc. that result in us not being able to gain access will result in a No Access Fee.
  6. Wait Fee: If we must wait for someone to let us in, you will be charged the wait time (by man-hour).  Man hours are No of Cleaners x No of Minutes (rounded to the nearest 5).
  7. Pre-Purchased cleanings such as GROUPON, LIVING SOCIAL and ANGIE’S LIST: If we cannot gain access for any reason, that service will be forfeited. It cannot be rescheduled and no refunds can be given.
  8. Recurring Clients: We highly suggest you provide us a key to your home.  All keys are stored in our safe without names or addresses on them.  We welcome you to visit our facility and have us demonstrate our security practices to you.  We want you to be comfortable with us.  We take your security very seriously.
  9. Late Cancellation Fee: All clients may cancel their service at any time up to 2 business days before it has been scheduled.  You may cancel by emailing us, using your login at boiseclean.pro or calling us.  Cancellations inside that window will be charged a $50 Late Cancellation Fee.
  1. All payments are due upon completion of service. We provide invoices for Commercial Accounts & when we are being paid out of closing.  We will charge your card on file.  If you prefer to leave a check or pay with cash on the day of your cleaning, please inform us prior to your service.  However, if you forget, all future cleanings will be put on hold until that cleaning is paid for.  Past due accounts shall bear interest at the rate of 10% per month.  When your credit card payment is processed, you will receive a notification via our scheduling and payment system.  For One Time Cleans, if a card is not on file, and no payment is present, that service will be cancelled and assessed a Late Cancellation Fee of $50.
  2. Overdue accounts may be sent to collections at any time.  Any balance sent to collections shall incur a fee of at least $150 for time and expenses associated with collecting the account.  A lien(s) may also be filed against the property upon which services were performed.
  1. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel service at any time.
  2. By engaging us, Client agrees we are not liable for ordinary wear and tear; for items in poor repair; for items insecurely installed; for items that require replacement, for the fit, finish or quality of materials supplied by the client. Any liability on our part arising out of our services to you is limited to $100. You understand and agree you will inform us of any products you do not want used.  You further understand and agree it is your responsibility to inform us of any items you do not want cleaned.  No claim on service performed more than 24 hours prior to you informing us will be considered.
  3. If there is any litigation needed between the Client and Boise Clean Pro it shall be filed and tried in Boise Clean Pro’s local jurisdiction. This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Idaho in Ada County and any applicable Federal Law.